Green Week Day003

The staff and the students of the green house celebrated the ‘Green House Week’ with great gusto and pomp. The celebration commenced on the 24th August 2015- 29th August 2015. The green house brought about the rich culture, tradition, religion, cuisine, etc of the various states like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu of South India.

Green Week Day002This celebration was carried on by a live music “Naadha Swaram” on all the major three days, followed by a Morning Talk (morning message) supported by a PowerPoint presentation that was viewed by all the standards (5th – 10th) in their respective class. Each day specialized on different states.
24th August 2015 – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
28th August 15 – Kerala / Karnataka
29th August 15 – Tamil Nadu

onam 038The green house also paid special attention to the celebration of “Onam”. The entire school was welcomed by the green house boys and teachers by presenting sugar cubes on their palm and signing them with chandan on their brow as a welcome gesture. The students and the teachers enhanced the beauty of the day by wearing a traditional attire to make the celebration of Onam special. The staff brought about the cuisine of the state of Kerala during the lunch. Displays and charts were presented around the classrooms and corridors respectively. As an acknowledgement to the charts and displays, a quiz was conducted on all three days bringing out the significance of the states of south India.

Keeping in mind the colour of our house ‘Green’, the green house made the week very special by contributing towards nature. The students planted vegetable saplings like tomato, mint, pudina, etc on 29th August 15 to mark the day.

The students and the staff had an immense learning experience and enjoyed the importance of all the days of the week imbibing the rich values through their experiences.