28 August, 2018
The Green house Health effect!
-Mrs Sonali D’Silva

With two days of reflective themes behind us during the House week, it was now the turn of the Green house to animate the school assembly on Mon 27th Aug 2018. The topic chosen was ‘Health’- a growing concern and nightmare. The members of the house took the trouble to prepare an elaborate display of nutritious food at the entrance with the boys dressed up as elements of nature such as flowers, trees and birds. There was an elegant display of charts related to one’s physical and mental health.
The presentation on the intercom was a radio show on the importance of health and wellness. The students and staff animating the program emphasized the significance of universal health of a person.The display at the entrance was an attraction to the students as well as the young boscoites of the Kindergarten who congregated around the area in the afternoon along with their teachers to learn some useful and much needed tips on good healthy living in today’s world.
The afternoon lunch break attraction was a flash mob performance on the stage related to physical fitness and regular exercise. We hope to keep marching forward to take head on the challenges of today’s living and wellness.

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