30 January, 2018

The gift of a father in the family – Assembly Std 5 B

-Mrs. Geetanjali Agiwale

On Tue, 23 Jan 2018, Class 5 B presented the assembly based on the importance of the role of a father figure in our life. It highlighted the routine of a father’s life to provide for his family. In the skit enacted by the students, the father works day and night to fulfill the wishes of his only son Rahul. Rahul’s needs, desires and demands keep increasing by the day. Rahul entertains his friends at his place by providing them everything. His friends enjoy the luxurious life and satisfy their needs and desires .The assembly teaches us to respect the sacrifices made by our elders – especially our fathers – who are ever ready to sacrifice their leisure and holidays to do some odd jobs and make sure that they give their best to their children.

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