‘The changing scenario of tomorrow’- Online Assembly by class 10 D
-Master Krishanu Srivastava (student reporter)

Class 10 D presented it’s virtual assembly on 26th August with the theme ‘The changing scenario of tomorrow’. Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza our Rector, Rev Fr. Bernard Fernandes our Principal, Sir Clifford D’Souza our Vice Principal, Mrs Christina our A.H.M, Mrs Reshma our Supervisor and Sir Rai were the dignitaries who witnessed the assembly. Along with them Mrs Nicolette D’Souza and Mrs Sushila D’ Britto and students of class 10 D were the audience.
The virtual assembly began with the comperes welcoming the dignitaries through a PPT. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by a parent Mrs Elizabeth. To help remove anxiety and maintain a calm mind during this pandemic, Mrs Bela led us into a guided meditation. Master Shivam Singh, the proficient singer of the class sang a prayer song ‘Tu Aashiqui hai’. Thereafter Master Behramm Umrigar presented a PPT showcasing the various positive events which happened in our country during this pandemic period. A poem entitled ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ was then recited by Master Pranshu Mishra. This poem made us ponder on the fact that COVID-19 has brought about a drastic change in our lives in the way we live and think. Master Bhavya and Master David spoke about this change and voiced their thoughts on the future scenario in their speech.
Master Keagan, our School Captain performed a monologue. The monologue began on a sombre tone expressing our feelings in the course of this lockdown and the scenario outside without people, especially children. However, the monologue ended on an optimistic and hopeful note, with a deep message ‘This too shall pass’. Following the monologue, Master Dayshaun and Master Vedant demonstrated the dos and don’ts to be followed during this pandemic through the art of miming. Next was a dance by the students to the tune of ‘Ek tu hi Bharosa’ to connect with God and pray to him to help us in this adversity.
Our Rector, Father Crispino in his speech made the audience realize the importance of connecting with ourselves and how this lockdown is giving us the chance to do so. Father Bernard Fernandes, our Principal, congratulated the students and the teachers who actively participated in the well coordinated assembly. The students and the class teacher Mrs Sheela acknowledged the contribution of Mrs Bela in helping the students prepare and practice for the assembly. Mrs Sheela said, “Mrs Bela was the backbone of our assembly”. The concluding words by Master Behram talked about the real meaning of luxury which is being healthy and living life to the fullest. The assembly ended with a goodbye by all the participants of the assembly.

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