21 January,2017

-Ms. Anita Philip


Our life is a series of decisions. Are we content with where we are, or do we earn to move forward. Are we happy with what we can see, or do we strive to shine the light even farther. It is the ones who choose the latter, who gave humanity the leaps and bounds that lead to where it is today. And it is with that intent, that our students dove into this research project.
A total of 30 students worked on five different projects. Each, unsure of where their journey would lead, as is with most research. They took on the uncertainty and repeated obstacles that came their way, with determination, hard work, and the zeal to move forward and achieve. They ensured that they learned all they could through this journey, with the help and guidance of a strong team of resource persons and resource materials. The positive affirmation and encouragement they received at each testing level only pushed them to work harder.
One team stood out because of their calm determination and discipline. What impressed me about them was that in spite of being in the 10th grade, they balanced their research work with all their classes and SSC preparation. One of our projects went all the way up to the National Level. And while only one project from the state of Maharashtra won at the national level, the grit and determination shown by Soham Shastri was commendable. He took an appointment with an expert resource person to prepare for the questionnaire round, made the sample lubricant at a lab, and even got together all his team mates to help him by grilling him with questions, and prepare him to be competent among his seniors. He went on to deliver one of the few presentations that attracted applause during the national level, and was able to answer all the questions posed to him. Even though the project did not win, Soham emerged out of it a better student and researcher. The experience gave him, and all the students who participated memories to cherish, and a taste of what striving forward in uncharted waters feels like.
Although the future is always full of uncertainty, I feel proud and confident knowing that there are individuals like these who have, and will continue to strive to lead themselves and those around them further.
Before he was Einstein, he was a little boy named Albert. Here we have 30 little boys, and I can’t wait to see what they go on to do.