17, December, 2019
Tear and stick-Activity for the kindergarten
-Ms. Rytika Pereira

Tearing and sticking paper is an amazing fine motor activity for children.
Tear and stick activity makes the children assume tripod grip for fingers that aids the grasp for writing and colouring. To motivate the child to develop their fine motor skills, Paper sticking competition was held on 11th December, 2019 for the Pre-primary section boys in their respective classrooms.
The boys of the Jr.Kg were given a worksheet with a picture of a pumpkin and the Sr.Kg were given a picture of Santa’s cap. The boys were made to sit in groups and bowls of papers were given to each group. The enhanced their social- emotional skills. They had to stick the paper within the boundary lines and this improved their finger dexterity, eye hand coordination and creativity. The main criteria of the competition were neatness and completion of work within the time limit. This activity requires strength and endurance of small muscles in the hand. The intrinsic muscles are important for fine motor skills including writing, colouring, buttoning, zippers and more.
The children participated in the competition with great enthusiasm and enjoyed it thoroughly. The winners of the competition were awarded with a certificate which they received with great joy.

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