17 June, 2018

Teacher refresher workshop by MyKensho on Career Guidance

-Mr. Nelson D’Souza (with inputs from the MyKensho team)

 The MyKensho team was on the school campus on 13th June 2018 for a refresher workshop on Career guidance for our staff related with this activity. The Career guidance program is an online course for the students of Stds. 7 to 10 organized on the school campus in association with MyKensho. Two years of this program has been completed in the school, and the new scholastic year will be the third year of its implementation.

The day’s training began with sharing a little bit of each individual’s journey to becoming a teacher and the reason they have chosen to stay in this field. Thereafter the agenda of the training was established and began with a review of the different components. The first segment was about the importance of identity in life and career decision making. The focus was on the reason adolescents were susceptible to influence from their peers and environment. We learned about some developments in the changing world of work; specifically with the development of technology, artificial intelligence and automated systems. We looked at some of the upcoming jobs and trends in India by 2030, specifically which industries will change.

The next section focused on skills that we need to develop to match the rapidly changing world and how we can develop these transferable skills through subjects and extra-curricular activities.  We then reviewed different segments of the portal. The portal exploration was focused around new areas and areas we have not placed emphasis on so far viz. new tools and assessments, exploring occupations in Industries filtered by personality type, setting of a SMART goal by students and habits to support their learning, development and reaching their aspirations.

There was an overview of the curriculum outcomes, the benefit of story/theme based learning and the manner in which competencies could be developed in a student.  Discussion was also based around the MyKensho simulate app which is a new addition for Grade 10 students to help them in a structured way to make life and career related decisions.

The session concluded with some feedback and planning for the parent orientation at the beginning of the new scholastic year.


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