29 July, 2018

Talk by the dock
-Ms. Tasneem Ansari

We catch them young! This time to spread the message of clean environment, love for nature and concern for all creatures that inhabit the earth. An innovative session that was also a follow up task suggested by the Greenline team in our school, was organized for the kindergarten students on 28th July 2018. TALK BY THE DOCK was a session in which a few boys of Sr Kg A class came dressed as sea creatures and gave the message to the other boys that sea is their home and that they wish to live in clean water. Hence they appealed to them not to throw garbage in water. The boys were also introduced to the different sea creatures. A fisherman explained as to how his livelihood is based on sea and that now it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to sustain his work and earn his income as there is not much fish in the sea. In a follow up activity that followed the boys of Jr. and Sr. Kg coloured the sea creatures on a worksheet given to them.

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