21 July, 2019
Taking stock of our values and tools as leaders
-Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas (AHM)

The Kg Supervisor Mrs. Shoba D’souza and I attended a leadership workshop, “Ed-Talks”, conducted by Edelweiss, at their head office in Kalina on Saturday, 20th July 2019. The key speaker for the day was the versatile speaker and leader, Mr. Conrad Saldana.
During the sessions of the day, Mr. Saldana led the participants to reflect on two key areas: knowing yourself and knowing your institution. In the session that revolved around knowing ourselves, the participants were asked to take a Life Audit and examine the key areas of health, work, money, relationships, faith and beliefs. He guided us to set a goal for ourselves in each of these areas.
In the session relating to knowing our institution, Mr. Saldana helped us understand the importance of aligning the vision, mission and values of the institution and of the stakeholders for the institution to have a greater impact on the society.
In the final session, Mr. Saldana touched upon the key points of NEP 2019. He helped us understand its vision and contents. He referred to the areas where the changes were positive and those with grey areas that needed to be clarified.
Interactive games coupled with animated and insightful sharing kept us alert and engaged. The serene ambience and meticulous planning with attention to detail made the day an enjoyable and enriching experience.

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