13 March, 2018


-Ms. Elizabeth Soares

The much awaited student council election process for the post of the Captain and Vice-Captain began with an invite extended by the Principal to the students to stand for the election to the Student Council. The students of Stds 8 and 9 were the eligible contestants to this election. The invite received an overwhelming response. The teachers animating the student council, Mrs. Daksha Tandel and Mrs. Elizabeth Soares, met the students in class and explained in brief the role of the council, the work details and the expectation of the school with regard to academics, service and true committed leadership.

The election process had the following stages.

Round 1

Each and every student was asked to submit the calendar on 10th Feb 2018 for the first scrutiny round in order to check the all round performance through recorded data. The students were given the application forms based on this record. They had to submit the forms duly filled the following day.

Round 2

The application forms were forwarded to the class teachers of the candidates with a request to coordinate with the subject teachers to scrutinize the performance of the student and his leadership qualities displayed in a routine class atmosphere.

Round 3

The reports so collected were collated by the teachers in-charge of the council and the students were shortlisted for the elections.

Round 4

In the final scrutiny the shortlisted candidates were further scrutinized by the Principal, Heads and Supervisors on the basis of the collected data.

Round 5

The final list of the names of the shortlisted candidates was displayed on the council board.

Round 6

The shortlisted candidates were guided to exhibit their respective symbols for the election campaign in the school campus on 23rd and 24th Feb. The students were also briefed on their election campaign speech. The symbols and photographs of the candidates along with major details were uploaded on the computer for viewing in every classroom on the canvassing day 23rd Feb.

The final shortlisted candidates had 11 students contesting for the post of the Vice-Captain and 13 students contesting for the post of the Captain

Reminders were floated for the benefit of the students so that they could come prepared to school with their calendars and ID cards, these being the necessary requirement for the election day, the 26th of Feb. The computer staff and the teaching staff offered their services for the smooth and successful election process implementation.

After the elections, the final results were declared by the Principal at an assembly over the intercom. He congratulated them and wished them success in their new role as leaders of the school.

The final results:

School Captain Pranav Jha

Discipline Captain: Moin Hakim

Sports and Activities Captain: Bishal Pradhan

House Captains:

Heet Mehta

Ravin Shah

Hishaam Majeed

Utkarsh Kokkattu

School Vic- Captain: Arnav Sawant

Discipline Vice-Captain: Sujal Chauhan

Sports and Activities Vice-Captain: Reyansh Mehta

House Vice-Captains:

Craig D’Cruz

Andre Fernandes

Eshan Lamba

Gopinath Bera