Std II Field Trip to the Chocolate Factory
-Ms. Vailena Dsouza

A little bit of cocoa in my milk
A cube of dark chocolate as smooth as silk
A small bit of brownie is all I need
A little bit of chocolate fudge is all I see
A chilled glass of milkshake on the run
A bowl of chocolate mousse in the sun
Chocochip cookies all night long
Dutch truffle pastry, here I am
A little bit of chocolate makes me your fan

Chocolate -! Hmmm! The mere word conjures visions of rich creamy and sinfully delicious desserts. If chocolate has grown-ups drooling over it, one can only imagine the effect it has on little children. Hence, the excitement and joy on the little ones’ faces had to be seen to be believed when they were told they were going to be taken to a chocolate factory for their virtual field trip.
So come Thursday, January 14, 2021, and the students of Std II of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, virtually trundled into a chocolate factory, ushered in by their respective class teachers.
It was here in the factory that children learnt that it is the cacao tree that yields the pods bearing the cocoa seeds. The students were intrigued to learn the long and arduous process and also learnt the names of the different processes these cacao pods undergo to finally bring into our hands the slabs of delicious chocolate. They were taught about the different types of chocolates: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The health benefits of dark chocolate and the consequences of consuming too much chocolate was also drilled into them. The students were then administered a ‘live worksheet’, whereby, they could type the answers directly onto the worksheet. The cherry on the ‘chocolate’ cake was the KAUN BANEGA CHOCOLATEPATI quiz which recapitulated everything they had learnt.
Being suitably pumped up after the KBC quiz, the students then prepared chocolate laddoos, encrusting them with sesame seeds, thus giving a new twist to the humble ’tilgul’, a sweetmeat traditionally exchanged and eaten on the festival of Makar Sankranti that is celebrated all over India on this day, i.e. 14th Jan. It was a pleasure to see the boys prepare and mould the laddoos and then share them with their family members. The expressions and comments of their family members was a sight to behold! Next was the best part where they danced on a song based on…? Yes, rightly guessed-Chocolate!
Finally, our mandatory worksheet wrapped up this learning and brought this thoroughly enjoyable day to a perfect close.

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