Std. 6th Field trip: Bannerghatta National Park, near Bangalore, Karnataka.
-Ms. Arnaaz Nariman

The first ever outstanding virtual field trip was conducted on 26th September, 2020 for class 6th under the supervision of Ms. Elizabeth. The class teachers created the link and shared to social studies teacher. The trip started with a morning prayer and an introductory video on field trip by Ms Bela.
The Social studies teachers took the initiative to explain about the field trip and its importance. The boys were virtually taken to the Bannerghatta National Park, near Bangalore, Karnataka. Bannerghatta National Park was founded in 1970. In 2002 a portion of the park, became a biological reserve. It is a popular tourist destination with a zoo, a pet corner, an animal rescue centre, a butterfly enclosure, an aquarium, a snake house and a safari park. There are ancient temples in the park for worship and it is a destination for trekking and hiking .The Park is home to different species of animals’ .Tigers and the white tigers are the prime attraction here. Grey Jungle Fowl, Partridges, Flycatchers, Cuckoos, Ibis, Parakeets, Storks, etc. are endemic bird species of the region. Thorny scrub and dry deciduous forests with patches of moist deciduous forests are located along the streams of Suvarnamukhi River.
The virtual trip went off smoothly with the plan of action set for the teachers. The Social Studies teachers under the guidance of Sir Manoj and the support from Ms Elizabeth made possible this successful completion of the virtual trip. The children enjoyed watching the different species of the wildlife. It was an enriching experience for both teachers and students.

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