27 February, 2019
Std 1-Celebrating the Spirit of Indian Tradition
-Ms. Mohini Goshi

“The joy of dressing is an art” said by John Galliano. On February 22, 2019, students of Std 1 celebrated the Traditional Day with great gusto and enthusiasm. The students came fully clad in their traditional dress. Their attire looked amazing as they collectively displayed an array of colours that reflected the diversity of India. To make the traditional day more entertaining and informative the students exchanged a variety of delicious sweets with each other in their snacks boxes. They expressed themselves in 3 to 5 sentences describing and sharing information about their attire. It was a moment of great joy among the students and teachers to celebrate the spirit of Indian Tradition.
Explaining the diversity of India to the students and other related facts viz. different clothes, languages and type of food, the teacher propagated the value of unity among diversity.
In the classrooms, the tradition of India was well explained by the teachers through the videos, songs and pictures. The classrooms were well decorated keeping in mind with the theme. The student got an opportunity to know more about their motherland.
“The day was enjoyable and informative, had fun.” says Pushkal Chowrasya, student of Std 1 B
The students enjoyed the day and completed a very informative worksheet related to the day’s theme.

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