30 July, 2020
Stay Indoors and Still Explore -“Mumbai in the rains”
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

Visual trips offer an environmental immersion experience at home. There is a growing disparity between the time children spend indoors wired to technology and time spent outdoors. With homeschooling for the quarantined children a highly anticipated virtual field trip “Mumbai in the rain” on 25th June 2020 was designed to connect the boys of the Jr KG in their virtual Google meetings to the real world outside exploring and understanding its issues and application.
Being the first field trip for the boys of the Jr KG, a brief explanation was given to them on a few basic disciplinary ethics to be executed for effective learning and also some general safety measures we follow. The boys whispered a prayer to the Divine seeking his blessing to inculcate the values of praying before they begin a journey. A video capturing the aerial view of the Worli sea link via drone camera got the boys excited and sparked their curiosity. Further, it made the boys feel as though they were actually on the bus that was driven on the bridge.
The boys virtually enjoyed the Mumbai rains, as it was raining and the splash of water on the bus made them feel so real. The teacher explained the concept of a bridge as they would be learning about it in the near future. She re-capped various topics done by showing them the clean and wet road, the blue sky, and the blue waters as they virtually drove over the Sea link. They were reminded that it was their duty to keep the sea and public places clean. As they drove over the clean dry road with trees planted by the roadsides, they were taught the value of not littering the roads by throwing wrappers and packets out of the vehicle and were also made aware of the importance of growing trees. On the other hand, they saw dirty roads with heaps of debris and garbage scattered out of the bin. How garbage gets collected when one person throws garbage on the road and others follow the same way was pointed out to them. They witnessed how people don’t use the bin but dispose of garbage in public places. They learned that the proper disposal of garbage makes the place clean.
As we drove over the hustle and bustle roads of Mumbai, the children spotted red objects along the streets which they pointed out to their parents-the mail van, the BEST buses-the pride of Mumbai, billboards, and even a person wearing a red shirt thus building up their observation skills. They were given insights on the Red signal and its function and were also encouraged to use public transport.
This interactive field trip seemed to have had a lasting effect on the parents as messages poured in. The parents of Melvin Das of Jr Kg A were glad that the teachers brought the rain to them even though it was not raining. The parents of Vihaan Kolah Jr Kg B expressed their sentiments by asserting the fact that with the children housebound due to the lockdown, the videos truly brought back to life the memories of the city they loved so much. The parents of Kaden Rodrigues from Jr Kg C thanked the teacher for the wonderful trip and said that they too felt they were on the bus with their child watching and learning.
Another event “A virtual field trip-First of its kind and First for our Junior KG kids” ended on a memorable note.

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