7 July, 2020
St. Dominic Savio, an exemplary Saint of the Young!
-Mrs. Quency Lobo

Savio Kindergarten along with the parents celebrated the feast of their patron St. Dominic Savio on the 6th of July 2020 in a unique way – A Virtual Celebration. This teenage saint in whose name the Kindergarten is named was a model student under the guardianship of St John Bosco.
The program began at 8.40 am with Ms. Tasneem welcoming our guests Fr. Crispino D’Souza our Rector, Sir Cliff Richard D’Souza our Vice-Principal, Ms. Shoba, our K.G.Supervisor, the KG Staff, the Sr KG parents and our boys. We then were led into prayer by Ms. Bianca and with joined hands and closed eyes we raised their minds to God in an invocation to St Dominic Savio.
St. Dominic Savio, this young boy unknown to many of us, was introduced to all with an introduction video by Ms. Quency. Very briefly but precisely, she highlighted his life making a mention of his poor family, his hard work and pious nature. Dominic Savio was wise not only as his name suggested, but in all aspects of life which included his studies, his piety and every day to day activity. His greatest wish was to be a priest and so he joined Don Bosco in his boarding. He did all ordinary things in an extraordinary way because he did it for God. He was the only person to be declared a saint at a very young age of 14.
Like St. Dominic Savio, we wish that our boys too follow his virtues. In her message to the children, one of our staff members, Ms. Berlin threw light on his virtues of devotion, hard work, charity, honesty, self-control, and patience and proposed some simple ways in which all of us could imitate him.
To involve our children in the festivity the teachers planned a tear and stick activity on a flower pot with a virtue written on it. They wore a smile as they held their pieces of artwork.
Our Principal Fr.Bernard Fernandes, with the other activities in the school happening simultaneously, joined us in our celebration for a short while to wish the staff, parents, and children a happy feast. Our Rector, Fr.Crispino in his message to all mentioned that this feast is celebrated on the 6th of May according to the Church calendar but in every Don Bosco institution, it is celebrated on 6th July because of its importance. He stressed the virtues of “The Little Saint”namely his love for God, love for others, and his hard work. Fr. Crispino ended by wishing all a happy feast of the gentle saint.
Our school helpers present on the campus, lighted candles, prayed and garlanded the statue of Dominic Savio on behalf of all of us, whispering a prayer for our safe return on the campus where footsteps and laughter may once again echo in the corridors.
Appreciation from the parents was heartwarming as they found the program insightful and informative. They too were expressive of the hard work done by the teachers.
The celebration ended with a vote of thanks for a meaningful celebration amidst a pandemic situation.

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