3 November, 2015



The Sr KG Sports day was held on 31st October 15 at 3: 00 pm on the Don Bosco ground.  It was an exciting day as the boys were all set  to run the races  they had been practicing all week long. The event started with the welcome to the management team by the boys . Next walked in the flag bearer accompanied by  a mini band. The torch bearer ran his last lap before placing the torch in its stand. The children entered the ground  to perform a drill display. Later a child on behalf of his companions recited  a sportsmans prayer.  Fr Rector then spoke and declared the sports day open. The races began and it was fun time. The children were  really interested in finishing the races no matter if their friends had already won the race. The parents too participate in the race conducted for them with great enthusiasm. The evening ended with the prize distribution , the vote of thanks and Fr Principal declaring the sports day closed. It was indeed a tiring but enjoyable day