28 February, 2018

Sr. Kg. Field Trip to Shivaji Park Gymkhana, Mahim

-Ms. Larissa Andrade

On the Saturday, 24th Feb 2018, the boys from Sr. Kg. were taken for a Field Trip visit to Shivaji Park Gymkhana, Mahim as part of the topic for the term – Games.

The children were introduced to the topic “Games” the previous day in class. When they visited the Gymkhana they were provided a first-hand experience on various indoor and outdoor games.

The boys were taken in an open arena on the terrace of the Gymkhana where they watched the players playing cricket on the pitch. They were engrossed in watching the game. They were happy to watch them play in their uniform and with their sports gear.

They visited the lawn tennis court where they watched players display their sublime skills at the game. The boys then visited the rooms where carrom and tennis are played and were happy to hear more about the games at the discussion there. They then paid a visit to the billiards room where an instructor explained to them the equipment used and the boys interacted at a discussion on the game of billiards.  Lastly the children visited the Playing cards room. Thereafter they played in the park to their hearts content. Wanting more of play, the teachers gave them an opportunity in another park next to the Gymkhana.

It was a fun and enriching experience for the boys. The teachers too were happy to see the boys enjoy themselves.