20 December, 2018
-Ms. Rytika Pereira

With Christmas round the corner and to correlate with the topic of Christmas done in class the boys of Sr Kg were taken for a visit to the Basilica of Our lady of the Mount at Bandra. To begin with, the children prayed to the Divine seeking His blessing for their safe journey. Once on the bus, the boys had an enjoyable ride singing Christmas carols, poems and reciting the Christmas story. Upon arrival at the Church in Bandra, the children assembled outside the church and the teacher introduced them to the Christian place of worship. The teacher gave them an insight about this particular church where the nativity scene is embedded on the walls of the church. The boys were then taken inside the church where they sat down for a while, and with joined hands whispered their simple prayer to God for their family and friends.
The next destination was the furniture store named Damian which was decorated beautifully. There were three windows and each window portrayed something different. The first one had a girl playing a piano and a boy singing carols and our boys were happy to see many presents lying under the Christmas tree. In the second window, they saw a big Santa carrying a bag full of presents sitting on the chimney of a house with snow all around it, which (in terms of learning) also helped them understand the concept of hot (chimney-outlet from the fireplace) and cold (snow). The last window had a nativity scene which the boys already knew and enjoyed explaining it to the teacher.
The field trip came to an end on a happy note with the children taking along some enriching experiences and memories.

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