13, September, 2017

Sr Kg Field trip – Experience of the skies above and nature around

–          Ms. Rytika Pereira

The boys of Sr Kg went on a field trip in the surrounding areas and a municipal garden renovated by Bombay dyeing to see the environment and feel the climate of this season. At the garden, the boys got to see the coarse white stone pieces and gathered a clear picture of the concepts: shape – circle, texture of the stone pieces- rough, colour – white. They also came across a rectangular basket ball court and experienced the sweet aroma of the wet soil. The teacher got them to sit under the tree and feel the coolness in the surrounding atmosphere after which they were made to play some games to develop their gross and fine motor skills. They witnessed the greenery around, noticed earthworms and looked at butterflies fluttering. They learnt the concepts over and under by the standing on the bridge and looking at the skies above and watching objects below. During the trip the boys enjoyed many other scenes – construction site, the functioning of a crane…

At the end of the trip our boys came back happy and excited to narrate their experiences to the eagerly waiting parents.


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