Ms Rytika Pereira.

Wednesday, 25th July was a field trip day for our children of Sr Kg. Accompanied by their teachers, they set out to visit the schools in our neighborhood. They began by visiting St. Joseph High School, Wadala. Upon their arrival, the boys got to see the newly laid Astroturf and the basket ball court. They moved ahead to explore the school a little more. The Pre Primary boys of the school welcomed our boys with a song in the school hall and from there they moved to their classrooms where our boys got an opportunity to interact with the children there as well as the teachers. Our children were then taken to the reception area of the school where there was a display of the awards won by the school and a robot that was made out of waste giving an insight into recycling waste.

Outside the school building they walked towards the statue of Don Bosco and the teacher explained to them that the school is also a Don Bosco institute. They finally moved towards the church and remained there for a few minutes before heading to the next school which was Tarabai Modak or also known as Sishuvihar. Here the boys got to see the classroom with many colourful items such as their wall charts, tables and chairs.

On our way back they got to see Auxilium Convent High School and King George high school. The last school on the itinerary was Don Bosco International School on our campus itself.  Here they were taken to see the dance and music rooms. In the classrooms our children got to interact with the teachers and students.

It was an enriching experience for our children as they were able to see the structured school, classroom, and interact with different teachers and students their age. They returned back with high self esteem and a grateful heart for belonging to a big and renowned school such as Don Bosco High School, Matunga.