SR KG FIELD TRIP-A Shopping Experience
-Mrs. Quency Lobo


Field trips play an important role in learning. They link the classroom experience with the outside world and in doing so they drastically improve the process of learning. In order to connect with the topic “Food” our Sr KG boys went on a virtual field trip on 11th September 2020 to “The market” where they got a chance to visit different markets and learn many a thing.
The field trip began with a video song- ‘Let’s go to the market’ where their teacher along with her students sang along thus getting into the feel of a field trip. The children were then explained the why and what of this field trip to different market places. It began with the local or neighborhood market mostly visited by them with their parents where they saw pictures of people selling different items such as flowers, fruits, fish and vegetables. They were told about the hard work put in by these vendors to earn a living and that we should always respect them.
The children began singing “Let’s go to the Supermarket” when they reached Reliance Fresh where they could see children and mothers shopping and were able to relate with them. Moving in the aisles apart for food items they saw personal hygiene items and household cleaning items which were discussed in detail by the teachers as important during these days.
Boarding the bus again and singing “Let’s go to the mall’ they reached the place dear to their heart before the lockdown “The Mall”. The children could identify the gaming zones, food courts and clothing displays which made them very excited. The teachers did mention the importance of eating healthy food at the food courts, manners at gaming zones and behavior in a mall which children listened to patiently.
The children would burst with enthusiasm as the videos were played relating to the event. This field trip was not only an educational and interactive experience but also one where values-good manners, respect for other who work hard for a living and most of all healthy eating for good living-were inculcated in their little minds which will surely have a lasting impression on them .
Truly another day of teaching and learning in a unique way!

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