26 August, 2018
Sr Kg English Elocution
-Tasneem Ansari

Children develop their skills-physical, social, mental, etc-at a very young age. Oratorical skills are best spotted and nurtured when young. The kindergarten school provides the ideal ambience and opportunities to this end. On 25th Aug 2018, our small boys of the Sr.Kg. were provided the platform to express themselves at the English Elocution Competition that was held on the campus. It was a fun filled yet learning experience for all the children who participated as well as the other children who were present to cheer their friends. The children got a chance to recite a poem of their choice over the microphone.
It was a pleasure to have our ex-teacher of the kindergarten, Ms Sylvie Jacques to judge the competition along with our very own Kg Supervisor Ms Shobha D’Souza. The children were judged on the basis of modulation, clarity in voice and memory. The winners were happy to receive a set of crayons as their gift in appreciation for their efforts.

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