-Mrs. Berlin Noronha

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”-Henry David Thoreau
Seasons come and seasons go. Most adults, attuned to a busy routine and lifestyle over the course of time, don’t even notice the change in seasons or pause to appreciate its beauty.
A child’s developing mind, however, is far more curious. It’s important for children to learn about the different seasons as it helps them understand the passage of time. It teaches them one of life’s most vital lessons–change. We use the phrase ‘change is the only constant’ casually every now and then, and yet, statistically, most adults are not adaptive or open to change. Teaching young minds to adapt themselves to the changes brought by the different seasons and the associated variations in food, clothes and weather is a must in today’s evolving world.
The boys of Senior KG were recently taught about the three major seasons experienced in the Indian peninsula–summer, monsoon and winter. They were taught about the different types of food that is eaten in accordance to the weather, the different types of clothes that are worn to adapt to each season and the different types of creatures that thrive during each season.
The curious little minds enjoyed learning about the different seasons and later, enthusiastically participated in their online interactive class event on 9th October 2020.
A few boys were asked to prepare five sentences about the season assigned to them as their event topic. They were also instructed to prepare a chart or prop representing their topic. Additionally, they were asked to dress according to the season assigned to them. They shared with us their understanding of the season allocated to them in which they incorporated a brief insight into various aspects of the season viz. the climate, clothing, food, festival celebrated during different seasons. It helps us to know how conversant children are with the seasons and helps fellow students brush up their knowledge skills.
The rest of the class was divided in groups wherein they were assigned a given topic and were to prepare a chart or a prop related to the season. It cannot be denied that our little bright minds that were taught about the seasons in India through an activity made the topic creative and interesting.
An on the spot classroom activity organised kept parents and children engaged. The boys made and stuck an origami boat, stuck torn paper on the outline image of the sun and filled the image of the snowman with cotton which displayed their time management skills.
As with every event, the little geniuses abundantly exhibited their creative streak, articulate expressions and eagerness to learn and implement lessons. Regardless of a virtual learning environment, the boys made this event thoroughly enjoyable and successful.

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