-Mrs. Berlin Noronha

“To celebrate a festival means: to live out, for some special occasion and in an uncommon manner, the universal assent to the world as a whole.”-Josef Pieper.
A melting pot of cultures, languages and faith-India represents the entire world in a nutshell. From its food to its festivals, our great country has boundless joy and celebrations to offer to all!
In a spirit of the ongoing festive season, the boys of SR. KG. learnt about some of the major festivals celebrated across India, their significance, preparations related to it, decorations, the special foods that are prepared and the clothes worn to commemorate each festival.
For children, the excitement of celebrating these festivals is paramount. They look forward to celebrations and family gatherings to get some time away from studies and get some additional time to play instead. The children tend to be quite curious about the many religious observations associated with the different festivals and usually try to help out the adults with the preparations.
Festivals are also a huge learning platform for young minds to understand and respect cultures different from their own. Through such learning, one can promote the feelings of unity and brotherhood regardless of their religious or social background. When instilled in young, developing minds, such lessons are carried forward to adulthood.
To enhance this learning, the Sr. KG. section of Savio Kindergarten celebrated their online interactive class event on 18th December 2020. This event was taken as an opportunity to explain to the children the unity in diversity in our country. Also to highlight the fact that festivals not only bring happiness to life but also is a tool to make life a celebration and inculcate the feeling of belongingness and togetherness.
Dressed in their festive attire, holding a symbol of the festival they represented, the boys simply amazed everyone as they collectively displayed the diversity of our country. Few boys who were asked to prepare five sentences about the festival assigned to them mesmerized everyone by their informative speech.
As with every online event through this year, the bright young minds exhibited their creativity and astonished their teachers with their knowledge retention skills. Bubbling with boundless excitement and energy to participate in every event, the boys made sure the last event of 2020 was no exception. Needless to say, this online event, just as the rest, was a huge success thanks to the enthusiasm of the little geniuses and the constant support of the teachers.

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