1 January, 2019
Sr Kg celebrates Festival Day
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

India being a multilingual and multicultural country, she is at her vibrant best at the time of her colorful and traditional festival seasons. A part of this spirit was captured in the Kg section of our school when the Sr. Kg. boys celebrated Festival day on 17th Dec, 2018.
The boys were given prior notice to speak five sentences on a festival specifically assigned to them. The festivals were based on seasons, harvest, religious and national importance. Each boy came dressed gracefully in the traditional clothes and festival costumes, and spoke about festivals such as Christmas, Lohri, Pateti, Mahavir Jayanti, Gandhi Jayanti, Onam, Chhath puja, Makarshankrant etc. The boys were eager and curious to know about different religions and the teachers provided them answers to their queries. The children received information about the festivals they celebrate at home and also got acquainted with other festivals celebrated in our country. They were made to understand that festivals make life colourful and charming. Besides these Indian festivals, the boys also spoke about the Halloween festival celebrated in Europe and around the world and familiarized themselves with Halloween activities such as ‘Treat or Trick’. This activity simultaneously enhanced the language and cognitive skills of the children and boosted their aesthetic development.
This day’s activity brought about a feeling of satisfaction and blessedness for us being raised in a secular state where religious freedom is nurtured.

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