12 November, 2016

-Ms. Sandra Alphonso

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The most fun loving and awaited event that keeps the enthusiastic parents and energetic teachers on their toes to bring out the best in the boys is the Cultural day. The Sr. Kg students celebrated their Cultural day on 22nd October 2016. In keeping with the theme “Don Bosco lives on…” the staircase to the hall was gracefully adorned with an array of floral display camouflaged with photo frames of Don Bosco and his boys.

At the beginning of the program, the boys welcomed their parents with a melodious song. The boys dressed up in an amalgamation of various culture outfits offered a prayer song to the Divine seeking His blessings. Through the skit ‘Don Bosco lives on…’ the boys depicted the scenario right from the18th Century during the Industrial Revolution- introduction of machines, family migration, neglect of children – to the present Staff and Management and the Alumni. The boys dressed in black and white, twisting to the rock and roll music portrayed the life at the time of Don Bosco in Turin. There was a twist from the past to the colourful present days where the boys dressed and danced rhythmically to the signature steps of different Bollywood stars representing different decades. The boys danced and dressed in colorful attire represented different states to show the ‘Unity in Diversity’ of our land. The skit ended with a solo ‘Long live Don Bosco’ sung by Pranav Suresh Kumar that was commended by all. At the end, the boys dressed in a retro style thanked their parents in a farewell song. The event drew to a close  with a vote of thanks and the comperes signing off for the day.