24 October, 2018

Sr Kg celebrate their Sports day
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

The unpredictable weather, the heat wave or the wet grounds didn’t deter the boys of Sr.KG. from their preparations and practices for their much eagerly awaited Sports Day on 20th Oct 2018. It was the first Sports Day for the boys of the Sr Kg in the school and the theme of the sports festival was “Our Friendly Neighbours-Our Community Helpers”.
The day began with boys from each class welcoming their parents for their first Sports Day. The program then commenced with the welcome of the Chief Guest Rev Fr. Rector Crispino D’souza and the members of the Management. The flag bearer Master Shourya Kumavat marched with full zest holding the school flag high and he was followed by the mini band. Their chemistry created a unique style of music. The torch bearer Master Ranveer Pasalkar ran the last lap holding high the torch symbolizing excellence and hope. Each class of the Sr Kg was ushered into the arena for a drill display by their mascots – Our Friendly Neighbours-Our Community helpers. Leading Sr.Kg A was a charming and gorgeous Air Hostess and the “Son of the soil” Farmer with his plough. Accompanying Sr. Kg B was the Shahenshah of the Film Industry, Mr. Amitabh Bachaan-Actor with his IIFA award, and the beautiful Hair Dresser with her hair styling tools. With too many fire breakouts in Mumbai there was a Fireman present with his fire engine as a precautionary measure, alongside an adventurous and daring woman Ship Captain of the 21st century who had come down from the cruise liner. These escorted the boys of Sr.Kg C. The boys dressed in coloured jersey performed a drill synchronizing gross body movement to music. Seeking God’s blessing Joshua Britto recited the Sportsman Prayer and thereafter the boys jogged to their places.
The Chief Guest Fr. Rector Crispino D’souza spoke to the parents on the importance of sports together with academics, and then declared the Sports Festival for 2018-2019 open.
In the sports events that followed, the qualified boys had their last round of flat race and thereafter each and every child participated in the fun races-these reflected the theme of our community helpers- that was organized for them. Participating in various games develop a feeling of sporting spirit.
The fun races were:
1. Baker’s Race. “Baker’s make the world smell better.”
2. Gardener’s Race. “Go Green” says the gardeners. “Grow Trees” were their message.
3. Postman Race. Postman brings the world together.”Stay connected” is their message.
4. Milk man Race. “Milk makes you healthy and wise” says the milk man.
5. Soldier’s Race. “If we could live in harmony, we would not have to waste lives on the borders” says our Rector.
Thus each race was not only fun and enjoyment but also gave a meaningful message to the participants and the audience. There was a separate event-the three legged race-for the parents and it was wonderful to see them so happy and energetic. The Chief Guest gave away the certificates to the prize winners. Boys from each class expressed gratitude through the Vote of Thanks. The day’s program came to an end with the Chief Guest declaring the Sports Festival 2018-2019 closed.

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