28 February, 2019

Sr.Kg and Jr.Kg students set out for their respective field trips
Ms.Tasneem Ansari and Ms.Quency Lobo

Field trips are educative, relaxing and interesting. There is much to learn and enjoy. Our Sr.Kg boys went for their field trip on 27th Feb 2019 to the Naigaon Municipal Garden. This month the boys are learning about the importance of playing indoor and outdoor games and the different games played. To give them a practical experience they were taken to the park at Naigaon Municipal garden where they enjoyed playing games. This helped them to experience nature, feel the fresh air, and strengthen their muscles by exercising, running, jumping, skipping, etc. Playing games also helps the children to acquire social skills. The boys enjoyed the field trip and are looking forward for more such field trips where they can run, jump and play with their fellow classmates.
A visit to a museum is interesting as well as educative. We get a chance to help the children to learn about the topics taught in class. One such topic was ‘Animals’. The Jr.Kg students got an opportunity to visit the Prince of Wales museum, Colaba on 23rd February 2019. The boys were enthusiastic about this trip. At the museum the animals and birds looked real, and hence the visit was even more exciting for the children. As soon as they entered the place, they started naming the birds, animals, reptiles and answering many questions asked by their teachers. In this way the visit to the museum provided us with a rich feast of ideas. It left a deep imprint on the minds of little children. As the boys returned back to school, they were all charged with new knowledge about the animals around them.

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