2 July, 2017

Special days celebrated in the Primary section

-Ms.Alareen, Ms. Sarra & Ms. Ranjana

The students of the Primary section were engaged with many class activities relating to the topics discussed in the classroom. The students of Std III celebrated ‘All Around Us Day’ on the 28th of June. The teachers along with the students suitably decorated the classrooms for the day.  ‘All around us’ was co-related to the topic ‘Our Surroundings’ in E.V.S.  The children were made aware of natural and manmade resources that we get from our surrounding. They solved a worksheet which consisted of drawing and colouring activities. The day ended whereby the children learnt to make a tree joyfully.

Each child is a special gift from God. To make the children aware of this fact, ‘Knowing Myself Day’ was organised for the students of Std. II on 30th June. The students were excited to wear badges made with a cut-out of a heart with their name on it. Children enjoyed the interesting activities planned for the day that included an action song, solving the activity worksheet and speaking about themselves in class. It was a good earning experience for all.God has made everyone special in his own image. To make the children feel special the students of Std I observed “I am Special day” on 27th June 2017. The classes were decorated with colourful charts. Teachers discussed with the students their uniqueness and taught them a song ‘I am special’. The children were also made to feel special through some lovely tags for themselves which they proudly wore on their shirts.


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