12 February, 2018

Society is my family too – Green House Day

-Ms. Lakshmi Krishna

The Green House Day was celebrated on 10th Feb 2018. The theme chosen for the day was ‘My society is my family too’. Unique bag tags conveying the theme for the day were distributed to the management and staff members. Enthusiastic preparations for the day began with festive decorations. These adorned the school entrance and corridors of the school. The children dressed in traditional costumes to represent the diversity of India welcomed everyone into the school.

At the school assembly, a presentation in English, Hindi and Marathi based on the different festivals and the manner in which they bring families together as one ‘Society’ was relayed over the intercom. This was followed by a slide show on the day’s theme in every class.  The proceedings continued through the day. During the lunch break, a flash mob presentation by the green house students surprised and entertained the audience assembled in the quadrangle.


The spirit of theme – ‘Family is the first essential cell of human society’ echoed through the school and the day’s program was a resounding success.