22 July, 2018
Soaking in the bounty of nature
Ms Lynette Remedios

With the advent of monsoons, Mumbai is a changed city and its worth the effort to experience a dust free, greener Mumbai. The Jr. Kg. children were fortunate to have such an encounter when they went on a field trip around the city on Sat 21 July to observe it in the rain. The children got to see the wet roads, homes, a lot of terrace gardens and refreshing greenery along the way. They were thrilled to see the skyscrapers and the sea where the waves lashed against the tetrapods. En route, the Worli sea link was misty and the children watched the heavenly scene unfold before their very eyes. The children took in the gentle breeze during an impromptu breathing exercise.
The inquisitive minds of the children spoke a thousand words. Many shared information on the level of water they had seen or encountered during the rains and the manner in which water entered their society.
The students had their snacks on the way and stopped awhile at five gardens to watch the tall trees and admire the wealth of nature. They returned to school engaging in chats with one another on what they had seen. Another informative day in their life!