Smile through the chaos – Virtual class assembly Std 9D
-Master Kyle Rosario

“Amongst the chaos let’s make space for happiness through gentleness, compassion, understanding and love” was the message depicted in the 9D class assembly on 30th September 2020. Ms. Nicolette D’Souza, the class teacher, then led everyone into meditation, as soothing piano music played in the background. Subsequently, the audience was called to reflect on the words of the song showcased ‘Rakh Honsla’. A short skit then followed. It comprised a conversation between a professor and his students wherein the students expressed their unhappiness about the current situation and their wish to be in school along with their classmates. The professor then enlightened them with the beautiful words of a proverb, “If you want happiness for a lifetime-help someone else.” The professor then demonstrated how the students could make others happy during this time through a short video.
The video displayed short clippings of boys of Class 9D spreading Happiness in their own small ways. Give a little love, have a little hope, make this world a little better, a mellifluous song by Ziggy Marley was then sung by some students while some displayed handmade posters of essential qualities that can help in spreading happiness like compassion, gentleness, understanding. The conversation between the professor and the students continued, and as the students began to comprehend the importance of happiness in a person’s life, one of them expressed, “Happiness is the Smile on my grandma’s face, the Joy in my siblings eyes, the Pride in my parents smile and the beautiful feeling in my heart when I see my family happy.” The students then passed on a symbol of Happiness-a Smiley to the words of the song, “Happiness is something if you give it away it comes right back to you.” The Happy mood continued with a video to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams showcasing the mood of the students finding happiness doing various tricks with their sports equipment in the limited spaces of their own homes, playing musical instruments, dancing, sharing happy moments with their siblings, parents, pets, family members. It was truly a happy moment for the intrigued audience. The comperes then concluded the assembly with a Gratitude video of the credits thanking all who helped to put the assembly together.
Our Rector, Fr. Crispino congratulated the entire class for a well prepared and executed assembly. Fr. Crispino termed the program ‘meaningful’ and ‘uplifting’ to express his appreciation for the assembly. Fr. Crispino liked the symbol used-the Smiley, saying that Smiling is the simplest way of making someone Happy. He added that he would recommend this assembly to anyone who is feeling depressed and was sure it would make them feel better and have a better appreciation for one’s life.
The Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes shared his thoughts saying how even during such a time of many setbacks, the assembly taught others to stay positive and be happy and urged everyone to practice the same in their own homes. Fr. Bernard particularly appreciated the flow of the assembly, the message, the various examples given of ways one can spread happiness. He thanked everyone who was involved in putting the assembly together.
Sir Clifford D’Souza, our Vice-Principal, made a special mention of the choice of songs which he found to be very meaningful and apt and said it left him with something to think about. He enjoyed watching the boys spending time with their families, helping out at home and especially praying together which is important during this time. Sir Clifford ended with the words as in the song…we can be Happy only if we try.
The Secondary coordinator, Sir Rai then promised the class that after watching the assembly he would definitely try to be happy amongst the chaos.
The Supervisor Stds. 9 and 10, Ms Reshma Belgaonkar expressed her Happiness on a well conducted assembly with a special mention of the song displayed, ‘Rakh Honsla’ which is needed in the present situation and loved the idea of being happy by making others Happy.
Concluding on a Happy note “Happiness is viral, let’s go infect someone!”

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