15 April, 2018

Smarter learning of Mathematics – Nalanda Workshop
-Ms. Reena Perumbully

A seminar was conducted by the Nalanda team in the conference hall on 3rd April 2018 from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm that included teachers from the Primary section, Maths faculty from the Secondary section along with the Principal, Supervisors and AHM. Nalanda Project is a not-for-profit program which empowers teachers by bringing technology into the classrooms. The main idea is to enhance the student learning outcomes whilst also strengthening the capacity of a teacher.

The workshop was an outcome of a proposal received from the Nalanda team to implement technology in education in Don Bosco Matunga, to empower the teachers and improve the student learning outcomes through the intervention of Nalanda Project.

The How of the Nalanda Project:
– Low-cost tablets and headsets are provided to all students who can access world-class offline content under the guidance of their teachers.
– Tablets not only help the student get interested in learning but also help them learn at their own pace.
– It becomes easier for teachers to track student performance real time, use various blended learning methodologies to teach, differentiate and remediate with struggling students. There are features that allow teachers to easily create exams that get autocorrected saving their time.

At the session, Ms. Purvee Chauhan and her team initiated and guided the school staff – equipped with tabs that were provided for training – on the Blended learning methodology i.e. lessons downloaded without using a Wifi connection. The content was based on the state board syllabus and the teachers were asked to explore the videos, exercises, tests and the other features on the tab. Ms. Purvee also provided an insight into the working of the Khan Academy software where the staff and students stand to benefit from the rich online resources.

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