28 July, 2016

-Mr. Saby Franco


The Singing competition for STDS I & II was held on the 18th of July 2016. After rounds of eliminations, a group of 12 contestants – one from each standard -made it to the prestigious final round.  Amidst great enthusiasm and excitement in the assembly and among the contestants, Ms. Kashmira welcomed the judges- Mrs. Flory Rebello, Mr. Augustine Rebello and Ms. Cliona D’souza – giving a brief resume of their many talents. At the singing competition, the participants were accompanied by Sir Saby Franco on the piano. After the performance by the contestants, Mrs. Flory as well as Ms. Cliona performed for the children. The competition ended with the Head teacher complimenting the hard work and talent of the finalists, and announcing the results of the competition.


The winners:


STD I:  1. Yohann  Fernandes (song – Bare necessities)

  1. Harrison Fernando (song- Clementine)
  2. Shanlee Fernandes (song – O Carol).

STD II: 1. Keegan Peres (song – Nobody’s child)

  1. Rachit Saha (song -Money money)
  2. Adair D’souza (song – Shoemaker’s shop)