18 July, 2018
Sing sing sing
Sir Saby Franco

Words make you think, music gives you a feel.
A song makes you feel a thought

It was music and song all along as the primary section held the singing competition for Stds 3 and 4 on 16th July 2018 in the Bianchi hall.
The eminent judges for the competition were Miss Lynette DLima (a retired teacher of the primary section), Mrs. Karen Dsouza and Mrs. Andrea Fernandes, all renowned singers. Sir Saby welcomed and introduced the judges to a round of applause. The competitors dished out a variety of classical and pop songs that lent a melodious touch to the ambience. All the contestants pitched well as they sang with Sir Saby accompanying each one on the keyboard. The winners were praised by the judges and lauded by the audience.
The winners of Std 3:
1st place Shawn Dsa
2nd place Clyde Methri
3rd place Liam Sequeira and Shanlee Fernandes
The winnners of Std. 4:
1st place Adair D’souza
2nd Place Keegan Peres
3rd place Rachit Saha
The judges performed for the students leaving them mesmerized with their singing. The competition ended with the vote of thanks by the Head teacher Mrs Griselda Fernandes. She thanked the organisers of the competition as also the judges for their valuable time shared with us.

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