17 December, 2019
Silver Bells Silver Bells It’s Christmas time in the city
-Ms. Tasneem Ansari

‘Joyful all ye nation rise, join the triumph of the skies…”
In accordance to the unit topic of the curriculum and to reinforce the festival of Christmas and Christmas story told in the class, the boys of Sr.Kg went on a field trip to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount commonly known as the Mount Mary church at Bandra on 14th December, 2019.
The boys boarded the bus and the journey began with a small prayer. All the way they sang Christmas carols with joy and merriment. The road that leads to the church was flanked with shops and stalls selling Christmas decorations and buntings. As the bus moved along these roads, the eyes of the students gleamed with joy at the sight of the dazzling Christmas trees, stars, Santa Claus, bells, glittering steamers and so on. What an awesome scenario! Perched on a hillock the Basilica is truly grand, yet humble edifice made from nothing but stones. The structure is inspired with British style of architecture. The place is visited by people of different faith to attain peace and tranquillity.
The boys were amazed to see the big bell on top of the church. The interior of the church has ornate design and lots of carvings. The walls are decorated with murals highlighting the life of Mother Mary. The teacher used these paintings as aids to retell the story of Christmas. The boys were mesmerized by the canvas art and panoramic images. They sat in the pews and prayed for Divine blessings. They admired the beautiful Sanctum-Sanctorum which consisted of seven steps high altar made of white marbles. They were amazed to see the three-side wooden loft, fibre glass murals, carved ceilings, circular tabernacles, sanctuary, altar pieces, arches and columns and marble pulpit. The children were astonished at the beauty of the church and it was a total new experience for them. They left the church with a refreshed spirit.
On their way home they stopped at Damian showroom opposite Mehboob studio to see the iconic Christmas display. From the breathtaking intricate decor to recreation of festive story inspires people to come and view its awe-struck display. The boys saw the Nativity celebrating the birth of Jesus with life size statues of all manger characters crafted to its perfection. The centre window depicted white Christmas. The boys enjoyed seeing the snow world-children on a wooden sledge, a man riding a sledge drawn by reindeers and a beautiful snowman surrounding in his jolliness. The smile and joy on the faces of the children were visible when they saw a Santa Claus giving away gifts to children on the next window. It was truly a wonderful sight to behold! The boys returned to school in a festive spirit and had so much to exchange with their peers and teachers.

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