26 July, 2019
Share my tiffin-Class assembly 7D
-Ms. Jui Dadarkar

Class 7D presented a well animated assembly on Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 to nudge us to do something about the food wastage. The concept highlighted was “SHARE MY TIFFIN” which caught the attention of the audience. It meant that instead of wasting excess food it can be given to the needy.
The students spelt out the need to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. In the Don Bosco (Salesian) context, this is holiness. The beautiful art, skit, backdrop, song and band were the highlights of the day’s program organized by class 7D along with their class teacher.
In his speech following the assembly, Fr. Rector mentioned about the excess of food wastage that takes place during weddings and at the lunch breaks in school. We ought to understand the importance of food in our life and try not to waste it. Fr. Principal appreciated the theme chosen for the assembly and asked the supervisors to begin the practice of ‘Share my tiffin’ with a few classes on an experimental basis. After all, we need to be sensitive to the needs of the poor around us.

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