19 August, 2016

-Ms. Shoba D’Souza

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The Pre-Primary teachers of the  Don Bosco schools from Matunga- both SSC  and International, Baroda, Borivali, Naigaon, Pune and Ahmednagar spent three quality days at a workshop for Sensory Integration and Skills for Learning conducted by Prafulta Counselling Centre.

The topics covered a few important aspects of Sensory Integration such as:

  1. Normal sensory–motor development for the age group 3-6 years
  2. Relationship of development levels with functional skills like Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Grasp & Grip, Sitting & Attending, Concept Learning and Cognitive Development
  3. Connecting activity levels with concentration and attention span
  4. Introduction to perception and perception–learning loop
  5. Auditory perception and Phonological Awareness
  6. Visual perception

Ms Memansa  Popat- Special Educator, and Dr Payal Ubale- Occupational  therapist, enlightened  and guided the teachers on the Sensory processing  of children  and also on the dysfunctions  that can occur. Remedies in the form of exercises were also demonstrated. Visual and auditory perceptual skills were reinforced and the teachers prepared worksheets for the same. A powerful tool indeed for us to take into our classrooms!