19 july, 2016

– Ms. Larissa Carvalho


       The children of the Sr. KG were taken for a  field trip to visit various schools  around us. The first stop was Don Bosco Matunga. From the quadrangle the boys viewed the Primary building, Secondary building and Savio Kindergarten. They were made aware of the school office and the Principal’s office in the Secondary building. The children marvelled at the vast playground, gymnasium and the canteen.

A bus ride followed that took the children around the neighbouring schools. Before alighting at St. Joseph’s school, Wadala, the children saw the two other renowned institutions of the area: SIWS and  Andhra School. At St. Joseph’s, they saw the school hall, Church, Canteen, as well as the boys playing on the basketball court. Back on the bus, the children on the way viewed other schools viz. Auxilium School, JB Vacha, D.P.Y.A and Victoria School.

At Canossa School, Mahim the children got down and walked around the ground, observed the beautiful garden and the school campus. They visited the KG classrooms, and interacted with the students and teachers, sang songs and recited poems.

Upon their arrival at school, the teachers discussed the field trip with the students. They were asked to note down their observations through a drawing on a blank paper given to them. The children were able to perceive and draw what they had seen and learnt. Indeed it was an excellent learning experience for the children.