9 September, 2018
Seminar-“Prevent suicide, save life”
-Ms. Arnaaz Nariman

On 6th September 2018 a one-day seminar was conducted by Dr Harish Shetty and his team of professionals at S.M. Shetty institute Powai from 9.00am-5.00pm. Two of us from Don Bosco, Matunga, Ms. Vonika and me attended the program. The topic for the seminar was that which is closely connected to the prevalent issues of society ‘Prevent suicide, save life’.
The programme began with registration of the participants and a warm up session. The Chief Guest of the day Ms Aarti Kher, Education Inspector of Maharashtra state board was introduced to the participants by the principal of S.M. Shetty Institute. Thereafter the chief guest addressed the gathering and touched on some salient features that affect a child’s growth viz. no undue pressurize on the child in choosing his field of study and career;teachers and people indirectly connected with the child should be a support system by being motivator in child’s life; on-board counseling services or professionals for assistance to a child. The Chief Guest concluded, “Teaching is not a job, it is a dedicated service.”
The seminar was further taken forward by a team of professionals who spoke about prevention, causes, dos and don’ts, and how teachers can help children to save life or prevent attempts of suicide. Ms. Divya Nair, a clinical psychologist who was on the┬ápanel┬áspoke on the need to assist teachers and discuss issues faced by them. There was a need she said to bring about an awareness among them through seminars on mental health programs, formation of E.R.P team within the school and knowledge of the laws on child act policies etc.
After the break, Dr. Harish Shetty a renowned psychiatrist, added depth and meaning to the seminar through a positive approach and some interactive shared experiences. He ended by saying, “school is a place where correction happens, not explosion.”
It was an enriching and learning experience for all of us attending the seminar, and we carry with us some tools and knowledge necessary to act at the right moment in the interest of the child.

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