15 September, 2019
-Mrs. Arati Dodti

The junior group of the science research team has selected the topic of E-waste for their science research this year. Browsing over the internet for E-waste resource material and the other related recycling process features, the researchers came across ‘EcoReco’ a centre that recycles E-waste. We approached this organization to know more about the process and asked them to visit us and shed some light on this topic to our students. EcoReco kindly agreed to send across a resource person-Mr. Ashish Pandey from the centre to educate us more on E-waste.
Mr Ashish Pandey visited our school on 13th September 2019 and conducted a seminar to take us through the e-waste recycling process and tell more about their centre. The seminar was organised in the school conference hall and it was attended by all the science research teams, representative of the nature club and teacher guide of this group Ms Arati.
Mr Ashish told us that India is the 5th biggest producer of E-waste in the world and 3rd biggest in Asia. According to this study, India will generate 20 million MT of E-waste by 2020. He explained the difference between E-waste and hazardous waste. We also came to know that lamp was the most hazardous E-waste. EcoReco has 680 collection centres. Ecoreco’s achievements include use of eco bins as a CSR initiative and an app ‘BookMyJunk’ to allow people to notify Ecoreco on the E-waste which could be collected. Videos of Ecoreco recycling the E-waste were screened with step by step explanation. The seminar was very useful for us to get a deeper understanding of the E-waste recycling.
At the end of the session, Ms Arati thanked Mr Ashish for spending his valuable time with the students in the school and answering patiently their queries besides the rich inputs provided to us on E-waste recycling.

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