09 January, 2020
Science Exhibition at VIT
-By a student reporter

On 3rd January, 2020, 10 students of Don Bosco Matunga set out for a science exhibition at ‘The Vidyalankar Institution of Technology [VIT]’. The students were accompanied by their science teacher Ms. Analiza. The boys from Std 8 represented the school at this exhibition.
The students carried along their notebooks and pens with them. At the exhibition centre, the students with their teacher were welcomed by the volunteers present there. The volunteers explained about the things and model set-ups present there. Some of the exhibits included cybertruck, alexa, growing plants without soil, Chandrayan 2 and others. There were stalls which gave information about Physics, Mathematics and Geography.
The exhibition was a great success and an enriching experience for us. We were very much fascinated by the exhibits that gave us much insight into the things and happenings around us.

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