6 March,2017

-Ms. Niki Sharma


The science teachers came together to express their views on the importance of science on National Science Day (28th February 2017). Through a short poem, they described how this all encompassing subject touches every aspect of our lives.  A conversation involving students and teachers unfolded depicting the progress of modernized science which has surely led to a definite compromise on the quality of life.

During the zero period of the day, a quiz question was addressed to every class based on the topic of oceans after Master Siddhartha Gupta read the article giving insight into marvelous features of this splendid ecosystem. In the science period, scientific activities were presented in every class. In one of the classes presentations were made by the students.  Students were encouraged to use science for the goodness of humanity emulating the inspirational lives of Dr Varghese Kureim and Dr  A . P. J . Abdul Kalam, and gear scientific curiosity to discover the incredible unknown