12 December, 2019
School Junior Science research team makes a leap to the Nationals-the fourth consecutive year for the school on the national stage!

Having progressed from the districts to the advent of the states, our Junior Science research team made major upgradations to their project: Phytoremediation Potential of E.crassipes for the treatment of wastewater for a clean, green and a healthy environment for the state level competition. The team travelled to Samarth Group of Institutions College of Engineering, Belhe on December the 6th with the guide teacher, Ms. Barkha Shah for the presentation of the projects at the State round and be a part of the science exhibition there. From 302 projects 84 were selected for state and from 84, 30 were passed for nationals. (Cumulative of Lower and Upper groups). Our team of Geoffrey Nadar, Atharva Gajakosh, Hrishikesh Nayak, Paursuh Kerawala and Jaiden Salvi was one of the teams that have made it to the Nationals of the NCSC 2019 (National Children Science Congress 2019).

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