5 March, 2018

School bags two awards at the Green Schools Award Ceremony 2017-2018
– Ms. NadarRanjitham Selvaraj

The Green Schools Award Ceremony 2017-2018 organized by the “Green-Line” organization took place at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on 3rd March, 2018 from 9.30 to 1.30 pm. About 50 Schools across Mumbai participated in this ceremony. One teacher along with 5 students represented our school at the award ceremony. The chief guest of the event was Afroz Shah, the environmental organizer who was awarded the 2016 Champion of the Earth (the UN’s highest environmental honour).

The celebration of the event started with five special workshops conducted at different venues. Our students were enriched by these workshops and gained new experience and knowledge. The workshops were as follows:

1. Co-existence with wildlife: This seminar was attended by Master SarveshBagwe (8 B). The seminar began with a debate in which two groups were formed -humans and animals. The participants got to view the issues and concerns from the perspective of animal and human. An inspirational video was shown to the members where animals do live with humans and they really don’t mean to harm us.

2. Composting: This seminar was attended by Master Aldon D’Souza (8 D). The seminar was based on how to make compost in our home or in school by using the plant waste and food waste.

3. Upcycling: This seminar was attended by Master Divyaraj Sham (9 E). The seminar started with an activity, where the participants were taught to make useful things from different kind of waste. They got an opportunity to work together in making earrings, and bangles from different type of threads. They developed a skill for creativity through this activity.

4. Micro-Greens: This seminar was attended by Master Gursimar Singh (9 D). In this seminar they taught the students how to grow plants with coconut crush which looked like soil. They were provided with information on the nutrition values of different plants and some useful tips to grow them. The students were encouraged to buy some seeds of different plants.

5. Photography: This seminar was attended by Master Manprem Singh (9 B). In this session the children were taught the 5 basic things for a perfect snap i.e. light, flash, angle, composition and background. They also learned some other tips for photography. The students were introduced to a beneficial app for photography “snapseed”. All then clicked some perfect snaps outside the campus.

After the enlightening sessions, the award ceremony started with an encouraging speech from Fr. Savio Silveira the director of the Green-line organization. The green champ award for our school was awarded to Master Gursimar Singh (9 D) for his unconditional involvement in all activities of the nature club. It was a memorable moment as our school won two awards: “The BoTo School Award” for highest Eco-brick collection and “School with Exceptional Improvement award”. We hope to carry further this enthusiasm and passion for our environment and help each other benefit rich yields of a safe and healthy ecosystem