15 January, 2019
Scholastic Reading Program-Cultivating the reading habit
-Ms. Sarra and Ms. Ranjana

Reading is dreaming with open eyes. On January 9 and 11, 2019 a reading session was conducted by the Scholastic Reading Department for the boys of Stds 3-4 and Stds 1-2 combined respectively in the Bianchi Hall in the presence of their class teachers. The session was conducted by Mrs. Jyotsna Singh, resource person from the Scholastic team. The primary aim of this program was to cultivate the habit of reading among the children and generate interest of good reading material.
For the students of Stds. 1 and 2, Ms. Jyotsna gave an interesting gist on reading which made the boys more enthusiastic for the session. The session was based on the books the boys read in class; Std 1-
Ms. Jyotsna very well elaborated the stories in part and explained each character and their qualities; the boys could actually dream of the story with open eyes. She co-related many sentences of the story with grammar and comprehension skills. The resource person created interest in the boys by asking them questions based on the story. The boys were later engaged in activities related to reading and showed keen interest in completing the tasks assigned to them. The boys remarked, “We are looking forward to explore more about the story and complete reading the book.”
The resources person Mrs. Jyotsna Singh came up with an insightful observation. “The students of grade 1 could narrate the story and could locate sight words,” she said. “The students of grade 2 displayed their thinking skills and were motivated to read and had high comprehension skills.”
At their session, the students of Stds 3 and 4 were engaged in thinking skills as they identified the pictures on the board. This helped in drawing out relevant answers pertaining to the books the children were reading. The boys carried along their story books, notebooks and pencil box to jot down difficult words and their meanings. With the meanings explained to them, the children turned to framing simple sentences. The boys displayed much enthusiasm in the entire activity and were keen to read with their thinking caps on. The students of Std IV were given a passage to read to develop their comprehension skills. “Independent reading should be encouraged for grade IV,” remarked the resource person Ms. Jyostna.
It is our endeavour that the students read better and smarter!