20 September, 2019
SAVIO YOUTH CLUB members unite on the club’s 40th anniversary
-Mr. Tushar Katira (SYC member)

The Savio Youth Club is an extension of DBHS Matunga in as much as it is an activity associated with the school community on the premises. Savio Club has members that are Don Bosco Past Pupils as well as pupils who passed from other institutions. Our sole aim is to come together, recreate and live strong values. In the month of May 2019, the junior wing of the SYC was instrumental in conducting the Bosco Cup-a prestigious inter-school basketball tournament for boys and girls.
As we grow older, with each passing day we dread the prospect of someone or something that we love and cherish may go missing from our lives. And sadly this happens. For each of us at SYC, we lost our mentor and founder dear Bro. Anthony Rocha earlier this year that has left a gaping void in us.
It’s not only the loss of people we love that affects us but also the closing down of a favourite bookshop, restaurant, theatre and we increasingly feel helpless and despondent. And then one fine day things turn around for the better! This has been the story of the SYC. Something that was so much a part of our wonder years viz. the Savio Club comes alive. We owe much to the visionary who weaves his magic to revive the 40-year old club in the person of Fr. Crispino D’ Souza the present Rector at Don Bosco, Matunga. With his boundless energy and dynamism, Fr. Crispino works to bring together young and old Savio’s to reinvigorate the Savio Club.
One such activity was the celebration of Founders’ Day on 8th September 2019 to mark the 40th anniversary of the club. Planning began much in advance to celebrate this big day. Savio’s, young and old from around the world were contacted to participate in this inspiring project. With two weeks to go Fr. Crispino with the support a group of dedicated Savio’s arranged for the club house to be refurnished tastefully with new floors, walls and air conditioning. A framed portrait of late Bro. Rocha was complete in time for the Founders Day on 8th September 2019. There was a Dawn to Dusk Basketball tournament organized to revive memories of the good old days at the club with some indoor games. This was followed by a memorable get together and dinner for the members. We take back fond moments of our reunion.
Long live the Savio Club dream!

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