27 September, 2018
SAVE ME-Class Assembly 9 E
-Ms.Perpetual Nazareth

There is a great deal of talk about our endeavour to protect nature. Nature is a part and parcel of our life, but we are rapidly losing the sense that we are not individual islands but a common chain.
The students of 9E class decided to focus on this problem that plagues us. They planned to do their bit not just on the day of the assembly, but even outside of the day’s presentation. The efforts began two months well in advance when each boy of the class took it upon himself to plant a vegetable and a flowering seed given by their class teacher. Some plants grew, some seeds failed to sprout but the students didn’t give up. They continued to plant seeds on their own. To take this drive further, on the day of their assembly the students distributed around 500 different seeds of vegetables and flowers to all the students during the school breaks. The response from the students was amazing –they came back to ask for more seeds.
The assembly highlighted the destruction we humans are responsible for-ignoring the importance of wetlands and sensitivity of ecologically fragile lands, constructing buildings on levelled farmlands, blocking waterways illogically, quarrying, mining. And when nature hits back we cry. Through creative scenes, acts, dialogues and dance, the students made a strong case for a better stewardship of nature by each one of us. The emphasis was to create a world where the environment does not need protection – effectively depicted through the backdrop-but is protected through our attitudes and acts.
The Assembly managed to strike a chord with many a heart and was appreciated widely. The Rector Fr.Crispino D’souza and the Vice Principal Fr.Roy Noronha appreciated the efforts of the class to drive home a very important lesson to save our Mother Earth because THE NUMBER OF PLANETS TO LIVE ON….IS STILL JUST ONE!!!

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