SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN… Christmas celebrations in the KG section
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

The most excitedly awaited fun filled virtual Christmas party was celebrated by the Pre-primary on the 19th of December 2020. The boys in their party attire, the Santa cap, more so with their enthusiasm made the event a great success, though celebrated virtually.
To begin with the teachers in the section presented a video on the Nativity-the birthday of the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of the World. The Jr. KG teachers through short videos, showcased the different types of decorations sold in shops prior to Christmas day and the manner in which people decorate their houses, doors, Christmas trees for this festival. The pictures of the luscious sweets that are prepared for Christmas were indeed tempting for the children. The mesmerising pictures of malls, hotels, and airport resembled a festive environment. The children then sang the carol “Deck the hall..” They were informed about the midnight mass attended by the Christians, carol singing,etc. Christmas is a time to show concern for the poor and recount the story of Santa Claus, Santa coming on the sledge with toys and so on. The boys together with their parents enjoyed singing the carols with their teacher. Their happiness knew no bounds as they danced to their favourite music. The party concluded with parents hugging their child and wishing them “Merry Christmas”.
The Sr. KG teachers also illustrated the various aspects of Christmas such as decorating the house with the Christmas tree, bells and a star at the entrance, the midnight mass, and gifts of Santa Claus. Also, that love, care and concern for the poor are the main aspects of celebrating Christmas. The parents and children enjoyed participating in the game “Feeding the Santa” organised for them. The merriment and joy were evident on their faces as they watched a video on Santa’s workshop. The boys thereafter got involved in the activity of decorating the Christmas tree, thus exhibiting their creative skills. The programme came to an end with the singing of carols and dancing to the tune of a few Christmas songs. The boys wished their teachers ‘Merry Christmas’ and left for the day humming their favourite song “Jingle bells”

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