28 September, 2018
Sandwich day
-Mrs Larissa Carvalho

Senior Kg celebrated sandwich day on 26th September 2018 to help inculcate good eating habits among the boys. The teacher read a story on the importance of healthy food. Each and every boy was given a chance to speak on types of sandwiches, whole-grain bread, butter, chutney, cheese, tomato, potato, capsicum, cucumber, beetroot, importance of healthy food and consequences of not eating healthy food. In so doing they also enhanced their language skills, cognitive skills and learnt concepts like raw and cooked, fresh and stale, hard and soft, colour and shape.

The teacher in each class demonstrated how to make different types of sandwiches-jam sandwich, cheese sandwich, vegetable sandwich, chicken sandwich etc. The children were taught to be independent as they made the sandwiches themselves which was an easy task. For the preparation, the children were asked to bring sandwiches in their snack box. The children were lost in the aroma of the freshly cut vegetables. Thus they sharpened their taste buds and enhanced their sensory skills.

In the activity room they had a buffet of vegetables. They had to sort out five vegetable cut-outs and stick it on their paper plate. The boys recited poems such as “Wonderful vegetables”. At the end of the day, the boys went home happy with the important message “Eat healthy, stay healthy”.